Future of Indian Political Equation - who will rule India ?.

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The future of Indian political rulers are being played out in an experimental way in Kerala.

Every person would claim that India is nearly 80% Hindu, 15 % Muslim and 5% Christian.

But a new mathematical calculation shows that this not the case. The authors of this new math is Congress (I).

Even though this equation is proving true in Kerala, Tamilnadu is next in line to prove this theorem.

This will eventually be proved right all over India.


Hindus constitute 56 percent of Kerala population, but political parties of religious minorities in the State’s ruling front have found some strange methods of demography to project them as a minority with the devious objective of overtaking the majority community in all aspects of social life, starting with representation in the State Cabinet.

According to certain allies of the Congress party’s the ruling UDF coalition, Hindus in Kerala are no bigger force than the Muslims and Christians who together account for 44 percent of total Kerala population. Muslims constitute 25 percent of the Kerala population and Christians 19 percent.

The proponent of this strange idea is PC George, Kerala Government chief whip, Chief Minister Oommen Chandy’s personal trouble-shooter and vice-chairman of the Kerala Congress (M), a political party of the Christians based mainly in Kottayam, Kerala’s latex capital. George claimed the other day that the theory that Hindus are religious majority in Kerala was a myth.

Though the primary aim of George, a Catholic, is to justify the Muslim League’s claim for a fifth berth in the Chandy Cabinet and his own party’s demand for a Rajya Sabha seat, observers are apprehensive that his theory could lead to a situation where the minorities can upset the social harmony presently prevailing in God’s Own Country.

Once newly elected MLA Anoop Jacob of the Kerala Congress (J) takes oath (which has to happen soon), the minorities will have 11 Ministers (55 percent) in the 20-member Chandy Cabinet though their combined share in the population is 44 percent. If the Muslim League’s fifth Minister becomes a reality, the entire community balance would be upset.

Even presently, minorities have a clear upper hand in the Chandy Government. George was made the Chief Whip instead of Minister but he is enjoying the status of and all the privileges available to a Cabinet member. It is also a fact that important portfolios like Industries, Finance, Law, Education, Public Works and Water Resources are held by Ministers from the minorities.

Stating that the Muslim League deserved to get seven (“not five or six”) Cabinet berths if its vote-base seen in the last Assembly election was taken into account, George told the media the other day that the CPI(M) was opposing the minorities’ just rights in their efforts to play the “majority communalism card”.

“As per the latest census figures, Christians and Muslims constitute 44 percent of the total Kerala population. The scheduled castes and scheduled tribes form 12 percent and 27 percent (among the Hindus) of the population are Ezhavas. This shows that Hindus are not a majority in Kerala,” George said.

According to observers, George is being extra-clever by excluding Dalits and Adivasis from the Hindus. Equally strange is his exclusion of Ezhava, a backward Hindu caste, they say. Experts in population studies have no idea as to how George is going to justify his premises but they say that he could be trying to start some controversy.

“There has never been any doubt over the religion to which the Adivasi-Dalits and Ezhavas belong at any point of time in Kerala. George is perhaps trying to trigger such a dispute with the objective of establishing minority hegemony in Kerala. If that is so, it is going to be dangerous,” said an Alappuzha-based historian.

George’s claim for more representation for minorities has come at a time when the Chandy Government is already accused of bowing to their pressures in all aspects of governance. Even KR Gowri, leader of UDF constituent JSS, said on Sunday that Kerala was presently seeing the strongest combination of communal and community forces since 1957.

“Even now, the State is being ruled by the Muslim League,” said Opposition leader VS Achuthanandan, adding that a fifth Minister for that party would affect the community balance in the Government. He also said that he did not want to respond to the “nonsensical” statements of PC George.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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Case and point in Uttar Pradesh.


By T J S George 
07 Apr 2012 11:00:00 PM IST

Hindus in Sindh compared with Muslims in UP 
This week I happily yield space to a thinker from Pakistan. He has analysed recent events in a refreshing way, reminding us that behind the terrorist  minority that has hijacked Pakistan, there is a sober majority that dreams of progress and the  warmth of the human spirit.
Tahir Mehdi works with Punjab Lok Sujag, a research and advocacy group focusing on governance and democracy. He is a blogger who appears in Dawn, Jinnah’s newspaper. The newness of his approach is visible in the very choice of theme for a recent blog: ‘North India and South Pakistan’, Uttar Pradesh and Sindh to be precise. He traces the bond between the two—and the disconnect.
“A huge number of Muslims from Uttar Pradesh migrated in 1947 to Sindh in Pakistan. People with Urdu as their mother tongue are 21 per cent of the province’s population now. Every fifth inhabitant of Sindh belongs to third or second generation migrants from India at large, and UP in particular... Every fifth inhabitant of the present-day UP is a Muslim”.
Noticing inter alia that UP is bigger than Pakistan in population, Tahir Mehdi turns to the recent elections in UP. “Muslim candidates were serious contenders. In fact 68 of them won and another 64 stood second in contests. Adil Sheikh defeated Speaker Sukhdev Rajbhar, former minister Nand Gopal Gupta was drubbed by first-timer Haji Parvez Ahmed and four-time BJP winner Inder Dev Singh lost to Mohammed Ghazi. No one cried foul, no allegations of rigging were hurled, no conspiracy theories of undermining Hindutva made rounds and above all no one saw the infamous ‘foreign hand’ behind the defeat of caste Hindus at the hand of ‘pariah’ Muslims”.
What we take for granted in India must be looking incredible from across the border. “Remember”, says Tahir Mehdi, “that UP is the state where the capital of Urdu culture, Lucknow, is located and so is the epicentre of Hindutva politics Ayodhya, and the hometown of secular Indian nationalism (read Congress), Rae Bareli, and the minority Muslim voters are swinging political fortunes there and tipping balances of political power. Such is the dynamics of elections and the power of democracy”.
How did the reverse process pan out? Tahir Mehdi writes: “A massive number of Hindus migrated from Sindh to India in 1947. But a few hundred thousand did not migrate. Non-Muslims in Sindh are around nine per cent of the total population or half the percentage of Muslims in UP. Have you heard of a non-Muslim contesting elections on a general seat and winning too? There was only one Hindu candidate in the national assembly elections of 2008, who polled votes in thousands. He lost.
“It is not that Hindus in Pakistan consider politics haram; political parties think that Hindu candidates are not halal enough for their pious voters. There were 26 Hindu independent candidates on national and provincial seats of Sindh, nine of them doctors and others mostly engineers and advocates. That is a fair indication that the Sindhi Hindu middleclass has taken the first step toward playing its due role in politics. That none of them could actually poll even a hundred votes, tells us that they have a long way to go. Will any party dare to give them a hand?”
It requires courage to raise such a question in a country where mad fanatics like Hafiz Saeed run riot, and a minister was assassinated for criticising the grossly exploitative blasphemy laws. Tahir Mehdi’s boldness in comparing the opportunities Indian Muslims enjoy, with Pakistani Hindus’ lack of opportunities, should be an eye-opener especially to the Muslim extremists and separatists in India. They play into the hands of a bunch of self-seeking bigots in Pakistan, when ordinary Pakistanis are dreaming of the dynamics of elections and the power of democracy on display in India. Our politicians may be scum, but we, Muslims included, have a free and fair system–like no other people have  in the sub continent.

Sunny Leone a true Canadian DESI now back in India !.

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