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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-10-12 12:00:55

I searched on net about gifted program details but I did nto find any good informative web site explaining details. Can some one pl share if they know any.

How do you prepare a child for that ? All I have heard is you can not prepare, but there must be some material or reference frm past exam/ samples ?

I wonder if York Region and toronto board would have same info.


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My dear friend.... Either you are gifted or you are not..... And this gift has to be from the maker....

An autistic child can be gifted.... And a child who gets straight A's may not be gifted....

There can't be preparation for this.... It would defeat the purpose....

Children who go to UCMAS or Kumon from a very young age..... May be mistaken for gifted children.... Simply because of the speed at which they solve sums.....

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Here is the thing, if you take the purpose of gifted program by school boards, then yes I do agree with what Geeta mentioned. The school boards refrain from publicizing the program details. But do not get caught unprepared. There are many chinese and some Indians are well aware of program and get the child prepared accordingly. So I would say call the school board and ask for the gifted program coordinator's contact details. You might have to try couple of times may even call the school to get the details. The coordinator would give you the basic idea but will never mention how to get prepared. Each school board have different criteria to asses the students. There are special centers which trains the children for this. In fact those centers could do the independent evaluation to get your child into gifted program.
But again try all these if you find your child exceptionally advanced and with little more guidance he could get admitted to gifted program.
It is my gut feeling that at least 50% of the gifted program students, prepared for the tests prior to getting selected. Do some more diggging and share it here even if your child does not get selected. At least others should get benefited.

Good luck!

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