Friends .. please advise for interview ....please read ...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-02-10 10:14:19

hi, as you all know i have an interview call after PPR... very strange ... every one i have asked said never heard of this before .....

However rather that getting negative ... i decided to take up the task and prepare for it .... and take the right steps so as to make it a success ..... after all interview is a chance to express your self ... i strongly feel if i am able to express all that i have expressed in my letters and other docs i send i am sure i will make it ..... what say friends ?

i require all the help i can to prepare for the interview .... i have gone through the threads on this and other forums on the interview and also searched the net for all i can get ... but i still require you to share first hand information .... i kindly request all who have gone through personal interview at abu-dhabi or any other mission for that matter to give their first hand experience ..... including details of what is asked if possible ...... i will be highly obliged and indebted ..... please . ... i need this desperately ....

And other thing i have read that if you are able to provide professional references other than the job letter ... it could strengthen your case ... i am working in the sales wholesale/retail industry for over 10 years now .... what sort of references i should get ... i definitely get it from my wholesale customers (national and international) and also from overseas and local suppliers ..... however what and how should they mention in their references .... please help on this .......and is it better to get original letter on their letterheads stamped or casual e-mails will do .........

Please friends ... i have always got responses from the members of this forum again i ask for the same kindness..
thanks a million in advance ....



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