Summer Fun in the GTA : Picnic areas & Water Parks.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-07-15 11:41:45

Listing the ones I know of and wish CDs can add on to the list ... esp the splash pads /wading pool types where kids can have lot of fun.

Bluffers Park , Scarborough : beautiful sandy beach , well facilitated.

Woodbine Beach : Similar but bigger and heavily crowded .

Sunnybrook Beach : West end , not so good for the water , pretty busy though for beach side tracking, walking and biking. Has got playgrounds and splash pools.

High Park : West end , mid town , excellent all in one place , lots of picnic areas , playground , wading pool , swimming pool , tennis courts , zoo , an exclusive castle playground for kids , lake and fishing .

Chingaousy Park , Brampton : Perhaps the best splash pool I have seen in the GTA .

Trying to find out more wading and splash pool for water fun in the GTA .

Have come across Albion Conservation Area and Heart lake Conservation Area north west of Brampton .. Paid admission and a fee for using water area .. Has anyone been here or to some other good picnic / water areas where kids can have lots of fun ?

Some one has also recommended me Kelsey Lake in Milton which also has an option of canoeing ....

Share your pick esp from Mississauga ... completely unaware of the water /picnic areas there ... perhaps some of them are hidden gems !!!


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A Delhite in Toronto

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Thanks Delhite for the Mississauga based pools ... appears that the Bell Fountain is close to Forks of the Credit (Caledon)

Since the mercury will be hitting 27 this weekend , I was deciding between the Albion Hills Conservation Area and Heart Lake Conservation area .

Both have splash pads and heated pools .. General entry $2.75 and water entry $4...

I think Heart Lake should be better as it is bigger and has water slides also ... I have noticed that when ever we are Safaris (African Lion or Niagra) , nothing comes close to splash pools for the kids ..

Will retain the lakes (Kelso & Bluffers for some time later in July when the water is warmer )


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-07-15 17:32:20

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Thanks RBO for the links .

We had great fun @ the Heartland Conservation . With the mercury soaring up yesterday , the splash pad and pool were quite filled up ... Pretty reasonable prices . And the place is clean and well facilitated throughout the conservation area . There are other places of interest too like medicine garden and all but nothing comes close to water fun on a hot summer day esp with kids .

10818 Heartlake Road , Brampton.


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Have anybody gone for grand river rafting near Paris (Ontario) ? It was extreme fun , we went in a big group. Doable for Kids and parents as well. In most of the Grand river you can walk through and through and the raft is easy to maneuver. In case of a big group you can even compete for an extra thrill !! Each raft can accommodate 6-8 people.

That place is tailor made for 'Indians' of all ages.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-07-15 11:21:12

Visited Kelso Lake , Milton yesterday. Sharing feedback.

The Conservation area is good , well maintained and facilitated .. but the beach was not very impressive.

Just beyond the designated area for kids (2 ft water), there were stones and bricks on the bottom which was not very comfortable considering the potential of cutting / injuring your foot ... Would not go again :(

So far have had good experience @ Bluffers Park beach and Heartland Conservation area swimming pool/splash pad ... Will try Bronte Park in coming weeks and share feedback.

Any other good beaches with in the GTA or say and hour of a drive ... suggestions welcomed here ..


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