Places for Picnic and Summer time fun in and around Toronto

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-04-06 12:33:32

Thanks everybody. I can use this as I have some relatives coming from india.

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Has any one been to any of these ? Any feed back on darlington or earl rowe ? I notice that these are closer to Toronto.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-06-06 14:37:38

Thanks for the information. Do you have any information for the places where we can stay overnight. I have been to Niagra ...just wondering if some one can suggest some really good place around toronto for overnight staying too.

Many Thanks.

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A great place to visit for a weekend.

1. About 80 Km from toronto. Close to Waterloo.

2. The town has a population of Mannonite and Amish people. These people do not use any technology in their lives - no electricity, phones, automobile. Still travel using horse buggies. There is a really nice horse driven tour which takes you to a mannonite village / house. We really liked it as we really saw totally different world.

3. The farmer's market here is one of the largest in Canada. Open only on Saturdays. Closes at 3 pm. Try apple fritters here.

4. Lots of bread and breakfasts and hotels in the area. We stayed at a Destinations Inn in Waterloo ( just 5 minitue driving from St.Jacobs.)

5. Visit the St. Jacobs town. restaurants are pricey. The museum is good.

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Bluffers Park

Bluffers Park is positioned in Scarborough within the city of Toronto. It is a beautiful day use park with many picnic areas and picnic tables. Last summer my family enjoyed a very good time within this park. There is a nice sandy beach in this place. Our children love riding on the beach very much. The beach is big enough to host a volleyball match. You can check the site to gain more details about this picnic destination.

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Went to Balsam lake prov. park this weekend , 130 kms from Toronto towards North. This is great spot for swimming (warm cozy water), , kids can play in the knee deep water,
, BBQ (you will find bbq spots with public grills installed and sheds , benches), lot of tree shades next to clear water beach so no darkening and peeling of your wonderful indian skin on mondays.

I found it much much better place than saubla, grand bend, tobelmory and wasaga.

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