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My friend had applied for Student Visa last month and got rejected. He wants to apply again but needs guidance from consultant. However he does not know any good and reliable consultant in Bombay.

Since his case is a bit complicated now he needs a visa consultant in Bombay who is expereinced and can really help him get through.

If you know any such agent and have had consulted on ur own then pls let me know. Its very urgent as he has to apply as soon as possible.


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Promotion is not permitted in charcha

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Orginally posted by mohin13


I am an Immigration Consultant, based in Toronto. I have replied to Students earlier also thru this forum and also privately ( when asked). According to me there will be no Certified Consultant in Mumbai since the requirements of CSIC is that the Member has to be a Canadian Citizen / P/R.

There are several factors that go into getting a Visa or getting a Rejection Letter.

I am originally from Mumbai, I have practised Law for 14 years in Mumbai. ( I was in Mumbai in Feb & March 2005).

Ur friend can approach me for help. Let him give reference of this forum. I shall charge him a mimimum fee and on contigency basis.

I am a Member in Good Standing with The Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. ( verifiable from their web site)
I can be reached at or 416 858 7475.

All the best to Ur friend.

Mohinder Singh.

Paheli post Business Ke Naam :clap: :cheers:

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I hope you helped solve your problem. As a student, you will have other problematic situations. Get ready for that. I recommend taking note of several services that help students with written assignments. Something like this XXXXX cheap essay writing service. We are all students and should help each other. Hope this information will help you someday.

Edit: Promotion is not permitted in charcha

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If you are still interested in pursuing your advancement in Education here in Canada....He He... please drop us a note here. We always help you.

Five Years is a very long time to follow up.



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