Canadian PR who is a student in USA - visa status query

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I am a Canadian PR, who is currently studying in the USA on student status (F1-visa). Very soon, I'll complete my studies and look for a job.

Normally, international students here apply for an OPT (Optional Practical Training) status, which is valid for a year. If they get a job, then their company sponsors their H1-B status, which is their work permit.

My question is that, being a Canadian PR, do I get any special privileges/apply for any special VISA category (that is not OPT, or H1-B) to continue staying here and look for a job, or work ? Or is it going to be the same like how it is for other international students.

I know that once you are a Canadian citizen, then you need a TN- visa instead of H1-B to work here. So is there something like this which is valid for a Canadian PR in USA ?


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ok, thanks for clearing that up.

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