need advice about filing returns and sponsorship

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-01-08 14:04:57

To all the gurus of this forum.

I have a few questions regarding taxes and my mothers sponsorship. here is the brief scenario abt my situation.

I am gonna sponsor my mom this month or next month for PR. We are a family of 3 me , my husband and my 3 yr old child. We are showing a combined family income of 42000 (gross )which was earned last year.

1. I need to know since the process of sponsorship is gonna take around 4 years , should we keep showing that we qualify the financial requirement every year ? what happens if next year our income falls below the required amt ?

2. my husband also runs a small business. for filing the tax returns can we claim all the expenses or if we claim and show our income less in order to get returns will this affect my moms sponsorship?

3. will i get any returns on 42000 income or shd i pay to the govt?

pls reply and thank you.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-01-08 16:08:01

1. As per the guidelines, the sponsor shall maintain combined family income
that equals or exceeds the income as specified in LICO. Therfore you and
your husband need to maintain the eligibility income until your mother lands
in canada as a landed immigrant.

2. As you mentioned that your husband is self employed, the income to be
included for sponsorship shall be the one he pays taxes on.(Net income)

Incase you need any assitance, you can contact our agency located in Mississauga(905-629-1873) and we can assist you with the complete application process.

The services are FREE

Best wishes


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Is it the Gross income or Net ? that is used as LICO for sponsorship ? Also what proof is required as part of sponsorship application ? salary stubs, bank statements etc ?

Tax return can be a good proof , but one will have to wait till the right time to provide that .

Kind Regards

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 01-02-08 00:57:03

Its gross, if it was net ; then half of them wouldn't ever be sponsored

I never knew about Maintaining LICO, as it changes every year so why have deadlines? since we have to show higher every year and how do they keep track?

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