Work Permit Extended. Should I get new visa as well?

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Dear all,

I am currently on a work permit in Canada. My initial work permit was expiring by the end of this month, and I recently filed an extension application with CIC Canada, from within Canada, and now have a work permit until April 2010.

I also had a visa on my passport, issued by CHC Delhi until April 2009. Now, if I travel to the US from Canada next month and need to return, should I get a new visa on passport, from a Canadian consulate in the US? Or having the valid work permit will suffice as an entry document? Thanks for your answers in advance.


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according to cic website you can

You leave Canada and then want to re‑enter

If you leave Canada after working here and then want to come back here to work, you must have a valid passport or travel document and a valid work permit.

If you are a citizen of a country that requires a temporary resident visa to travel to Canada, you must also have a valid entry visa to return, unless you are returning to Canada from the United States, Greenland or Saint-Pierre et Miquelon and the period initially authorized for your entry or any extension to it, as a visitor, student or worker has not expired.

--- but you never know, they might ask for the visa

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