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I am now on a work permit visa which is getting expired by the first of February. My passport is expiring by the first of July. So I need to get my passport extended before I can apply for the extension of my work permit.

The Indian consulate webiste says that I need to get a new passport as it is expiring after the ten years for which it was issued. The website says it takes a week's time to get a new passport. But can anyone tell me what the validity period for a new passport issued from Canada would be? Will it be for ten years? If not, will a letter from my employer help me to get a longer validity passport? If yes, what should the letter from my employer mention? I mean any formats for the letter?

Thanks for any help, in advance.

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It works like this, they issue a new passport with validity for 1 year, this is dont within the short period (3-5 working days or so). Then they send your details for Police verification to India, (your place of origin).
And they wait for a particular period of time (not sure of how long - some months i guess). If they don't get any reply - by default it means that everything is ok. Then they intimate you to submit your pp again and the validity date is entered for 10 years.

This is IMHO, best of luck

Tom :cheers:

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Why don't you give them a call and find out

Consulate-General of India
1835 Yonge Street, 4th Floor
Toronto, ON M4S 1X8

Telephone: 416-960-0751, 416-960-0752, 416-960-4831, 416-960-8173
Fax: 416-960-9812

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a) Call the consulate General

b) Not sure if rules are different for people on work permits, but for PRs, they issue you 10 years indian passport and it takes roughly a month

:p bison

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Thanks everyone! I appreciate the help.

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