marriage certificate -Red seal (india)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 30-03-06 06:31:55

Hi Guy

I am in the process of sponsoring my wife from india. I need clarity regarding the marriage certificate.. Does it require RED SEAL which is once i get the local marriage certificate i need to send to the IG of police office and get it verified and they will put the RED seal .

IS it requried for sponsorship.. Pls advice.

Thanks in advance



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Hi Ashok
I do not know what red seal you are talkin about. All you need is your marriage certificate with local authority ( registrar or similar) signed and seal. You need to send a photocopy of Marriage certificate thats all.
hope this answar is helpful

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The authority that issues a marriage certificate has to apply its seal on the certificate. As far as I know it could be purple/black/red.

If you are talking about seal made of molten red sealing wax, with an impression from metallic seal while it is still hot, that one is usually used to seal envelopes/documents.

It would depend on what seal the marriage registration authority in your location uses. Your wanting a different seal would not matter to him. Only try to ensure that certificate is in English/Bilingual. That they can oblige.

Best of luck.


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