Driving experience letter from India...

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-05-06 19:09:14

Appreciate your reply.

I will try that way and see if it materializes. If it makes up, I should include this format ni the driving FAQ section I used to update to help other new immigrants.

Have a Good weekend!!!

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Please note that in my case when I handed over the letters ,the Drive test officer insisted me for the envelop bearing the postal details, as a proof and for their record. So keep the details / proof of the mail/courier by which you receive these certificates, incase you opened before submitting them.

Originally posted by JRF

Appreciate your reply.

I will try that way and see if it materializes. If it makes up, I should include this format ni the driving FAQ section I used to update to help other new immigrants.

Have a Good weekend!!!

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Can anyone please share the driving experience letter format from Haryana RTO India which is accepted for skipping G1 and directly being eligible for G2.

Also the process to get the experience letter from RTO in Haryana India.

Any information will be of great use.

Thanks in advance.

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Here is a little bit of help.

This is a copy of an authentication letter as sample :



SUBJECT; Authentication of licensed driving experience

It is certified that the driving licence N0________________________ was issued by ____________ on _________ in the Name of ___________ s/o__________- r/o________, DOB _____________. This license is valid throuought _______( country/ state/ province) with full driving privileges for driving Motorcycle/ scooter/ car and jeep only. This license is valid upto______......... As for record in this office, there is no traffic offence against this driving license.



RTOs in differnt States not only have different formats for this letter, but they also call it by different names, at least that's what my observations are. At some RTOs they call it "Driving Experience Letter", and at some others they call it "Driver's Abstract", too. So depending on what you called it and what your RTO understood it as, can also make a difference. But there are standard forms there in their offices for filling out and paying for them.


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