Is International driving license required

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I am an indian staying in bahrain and planning to land in toronto bye feb 07,
I am holding indian driving license from last 6 years and bahraini license since last 18 months, i would like to know

if i need to take a international driving license from bahrain or india??
Can i use these license for driving in toronto?? or i need to take up a test for driving initially??

Thanks & regards


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Two sites to check would be" rel="nofollow">LINK


There are a few old threads on Canadiandesi too.

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hi sukh

thjis is kulwinder by profession i m driving instructor here in toronto area.
as far as international driving license is concerned u can drive only for two months on international driving license.if u want ur back home driving experience to be added in ontario then ur regular license is ok but this license must be in english language having the same name and surname as in ur passport and landing papers.usually they consider one year experience ,with this much experience u can go directly for road test if passed u will get the license. if u want ao add more than one year exp u need a letter from consulate general or from ministry of transportation back home on official paper with seal


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Dear All,

I am moving 2 Calgary in near future.My Drving Licence is issued from Chandigarh Administration and issue date is 16/07/2004.

Will this work in Aberta Or Should I bring International Licence

Please reply


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I have yet not landed in canada but as per wht i could gather its better to get international license if it allows you to drive in canda (check the list of countries where u can drive with that license),
secondly also get the letter from traffic authorities stating your driving experience, which would be helpful here

tc bye

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Being 'allowed' to drive is different than being 'able' to drive. If you havent driven on LH drive vehicles having American /European style roads, holding IDP is not enough - it is advisable to get the required training locally before 'even attempting' to drive in Canada. If you have prior experience in these traffic conditions, then IDP will help initially - if you can afford to buy/rent a car (and the insurance) immediately upon arrival.

All the best.


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International driving licence is valid here only if you are comming here as a visitor.

if you are a Permanent Resident, then you can drive here for 2 months with your driving licence, whether it is from India or Middle east.

After this 2 months period from the day of landing , you need to take a driving licence here in Canada.

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