Re-applying for Parents' Visitor Visa

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My parents applied for there Canadian Visa at Dubai (They are Indian Citizens but they applied from Dubai while they went to visit my sister) and got rejected a week back. The reason given was that they don't have ties back in the home country as one son is in US and another in Canada.

They are in US visiting my brother now. Sincerely they don't have any intentions to stay forever in Canada, they just want to see me studying. We are planning to reapply with the following documents

House documents in India.
Affidavit from my brother stating that they would definitely return back to the States.
Affidavit from me stating that they are here to visit me and would leave after a month's time or so and I will make sure that they leave without causing any trouble.
Rest of the documents of course viz. Bank statements, sponsor letter from my brother etc

We are applying in the hope that they would get their visa cleared. We understand they might get rejected in all probabilities.

My question to you is...

Based on your experience in the past can you please tell us if there any thing that would improve their chance of getting their Visa getting approved? If so can you please list them.

We are sincerely praying god that they get their Visa cleared. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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