Will the mobile from India work in Canada?

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Dont know about Canada, the GSM frequencies are different in US from India. I believe you need quad band handset / instrument (& not tri-band) to work in North America. Can some one confirm this .... Thanks :cheers:

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Thats true my tri band did not work here and I had to send it back.


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As long as your Triband have 850/1900 - it will work everywhere here in Canada & US.

But Triband phone in India won't have at least one of 850/1900. In India you need 900/1800 frequency phone.

Your Triband may not work in some area if it does not support 850. But if your Triband has 1900, you still will be good in GTA.

If you are bringing in ... Best Bet is to get Quad.

Apart from Frequency there are other features that differs from Region-to-Region. But that's only if you intend to buy & use them.

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...

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Originally posted by Fido

Thats true my tri band did not work here and I had to send it back.

Sometimes you may have to manually set the frequency. Almost all triband gsm phones from India had the 1900 band and you just go to the network settings inside the phone menu and select the 1900 frequency.

There is no provider that uses only 850 band here in Canada, AFAIK. They use 1900 and additional 850 in some areas to improve reception, so even if ur phone is triband, then u shud be fine, unless u live in an area where the reception is nil or there is no GSM providers like rogers/fido etc.

But, if u live in USA, there are areas only serviced by 850 band, so ur triband will not work in those areas.

Since Indian prviders never uses the 850 frequency, it is highly unlikely that they will sell a tri-band phone with the 850 band. So a tri-band phone from India will have frequencies of 1900, 1800, and 900 Mhz. A quad-band is 1900, 1800, 900, and 850.

SO THE ONLY THING YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IS CHANGE THE FREQUENCY TO 1900 BAND ONCE THE PHONE COMES HERE. A phone can only operate on one frequency at a time, and if that frequency doesn't match the frequency of the system you're on, then your phone won't work.

I'm here in Canada for the last 4 yrs, all my GSM phones from India worked here. And till now all my phones are tri-band only.

Hope this clears the confusion.

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