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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-01-08 22:09:45

Can anyone suggest some party games we can play. There will be young children and very old couples too so the games have to be nice ones (not cheap).


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Here's one in which kids can participate too.

Pass a roll of toilet tissue and ask each individual to take a few sheets. Tell them the next game is a messy one so they need paper for clean-up.

Next... the fun part... :clap: ask each individual to tell the crowd one thing about themself for each sheet of paper. Slowly you'll see lots of paper under the table.

You'll be amazed at the responses and for sure will learn a lot about that individual.

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This is a Music game which can be enjoyed by kids as well as by grandparents!

In the room mark four corner, name 1st corner as red, 2nd as green, 3rd as Blue and 4th as Yellow (put color paper in that corner to represent the corner).

From the same colored paper cut red, yellow, blue, green strips and put them in a bag (garbage bag or just paper bag).

Bring the group in center and play the music...let them dance. Stop the Music (just we stop at Musical chair) and let the group run to all 4 different corners. You have to tell them that as soon as the music stops they need to find a corner and need not be in the center.

Call a young child and from the bag let him pick a color strip (without looking at the bag), for e.g. the child picks green...then all the people standing at green corner are out of the game. Again play the music and repeat...running to corner...corner strip selection and group people going the end there will be only one winner!

Hope this helps...........................Jona

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 08-01-09 20:52:00

Dear Cd's,

My friend is celebrating her child's B'day.
Pl. recommed some games for children for age group of 2-4 years.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 09-01-09 10:15:22

For small kids one can play...passing the parcel (eliminating the kid who has the parcel in hand, please hand a candy when the kid goes out of game...they feel good that they got something) and Musical chair (depending on space).

The other game is on luck, take some blocks for e.g. the name of the B'day boy or girl is "Dhruv" paste the D h r u v alphabets on say 20 blocks (by small post it or paper). Assign marks to alphabet D = 10, H=8. Put them in black bag (where no one can see the blocks with alphabets on). Let the kids withdraw 5 alphabets each (five because name Dhruv has five letters in it) and count the total of each kid. The highest count will be the winner. Kids take turns and play this...mother needs to help (for count). If someone withdraws the full name of the B'day boy they get 10 bonus points. You can play this with coins too but with small kids I'll hesitate.

Hope this helps.......if you want more game ideas let me know!


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