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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-06-04 09:38:04

Orginally posted by Chor_Per_Mor

Hello BL
The above post is not just excellent but sums up at least 5 questions people ask ALL the time.
Wont it be better to save such threads or posts as FAQs or something like that? Or a new sticky FAQ thread can be crated that is locked by moderators and updated with such universally true information
Otherwise it will simply be lost among other threads and the cycle of users asking for info that is available already will start again.

I think it would be best posted as an article.

Anand or Garvo, could you do the honors?

Are you there?

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We also have unpleasant experience with them. After their initial evaluation they took our case saying "everything is OK and the client qualifies for application", they never filed the case. Worst yet, they never informed that they are hanging on to the file and NEVER filed with CIC. We have asked for refund because they have not applied, they are delaying and trying to wiggle out of it. Our opinion : "NEVER GO TO themS" or any other so called consultants.

I now understand that they will pretend to evaluate clients thoroughly but in fact they will qualify "everyone" and then they will tell clients to take courses in something or other, build job skills etc. etc. They never make these things clear up front when they accept clients and collect fees. Then, they make excuses about things. Obviously, they have some successful clients who are over qualified. But, for some marginal clients, this is what happens and they are at odds with them.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-06-04 13:31:12

The other so called immigration consultant who misrepresented is Sabri Moosa (S.M. Assoiciates) who charged outrageous charge of $ 3000 U.S. for simply filling the file and submitting it to CIC. Although more were promised, we simply had to keep waiting and waiting and status kept on changing with CIC. I mean originally it was promised that case would not take more than 6 month (because it was adoption case). Then it changed to "there will be no interview call" which was not true. The CIC said, there will be an interview within 24 months. Then Mr. Moosa slowly started to state that our relative would have to prepare for this and that..... etc. etc. In other words, the client is on his own (Which is really the case anyway. Right?) Then why pay such a high fees for simply filling the forms????

Well, A lesson learned.


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