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· Career Objective is the most important element in your resume. Be sure to have it customized to the job description. Try to keep it less than a sentence or better yet just 5-6 words, anything beyond that is just needless crap. At the same token just don’t customize it to get an interview unless it really matches your interest. A clearly stated goal gives the employer an idea of where you are headed and will give them a sense of your direction.
· A resume is not just about previous jobs it’s about you what you have done, achieved, accomplished and where you have succeeded and what challenging things you have done. Replace everything in your resume starting with responsibilities included to job accomplishments or something like that.
· Write only the recent years 10-15 years of experience, unless interesting and challenging jobs were prior to that.
· All the general stuff like Action words, highlighting your strengths, being positive.
I believe you all know how to use googlebhai so won’t go into the routine resume tips.

· Most important thing is customizing your resume to the job description, don’t have a standard resume and send it to hundreds. For the love of god and your own sake never do that, As well might throw it in the garbage yourself. Instead of applying to 10 positions just go for 1 or 2. Another thing send in your resume very early in the morning or really late at night, that way it will be among the first few email the recruiter sees.
· Talk about unusual research and development projects you might have done during college or your previous jobs. (Makes it interesting for the guy reading it and might help get you an interview).

The above tips were more general than specific for Mechanical engineers and all.


· Say you have mastered all 3d design software’s out there (AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, Inventor, SolidWorks, Catia etc).
· Say that you have knowledge of kanban, lean manufacturing, iso, 6 sigma, visual manufacturing, etc.
Always pick a couple of software’s or systems and stress about the work you have done in and around that system just so that you are seen as a specialist and not some average do it all Joe.

If you have your resume on a job board be sure to make changes or just minor changes and edit a little bit here and there coz recruiters filter by updated resumes when searching, so even though you might be a perfect match your resume is never even viewed.

I am open to making minor changes or major changes to anybody’s resume provided you take my advice in a positive manner and not start defending your style. This year alone I have had 7 calls from recruiters asking me if I interested in a position with their client, so I believe whatever I have going on in my resume seems to be working.

"Progress comes from deviation".

On a side note if anybody finds my comments or posts offensive or irritating please ignore it and if that still bothers you; please write to me and I will demonstrate.

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Hey Azazf,
Thanks for offering to tweak resumes! why dont you create a fill in the blank resume template and post it in here so everyone can use.

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First and foremost.........Resumes should be personalised.

Although the suggestion is good but someone who does not have the time to create his/her own resume doesnt deserve to be helped.
Remember charity begins at home.

Google has made us copy and paste efficient :D and I am sure same thing would happen here.

I had given my resume to a junior of mine in college and next thing I know even his friends career objective was the same as mine :D not to mention the job duties and skill set.

"Progress comes from deviation".

On a side note if anybody finds my comments or posts offensive or irritating please ignore it and if that still bothers you; please write to me and I will demonstrate.

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No tips on Cover letters?

I once made a mistake, but I was wrong about it.

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