visito visa rejected for parents

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The reason the Visa got rejected because
1Your mother wasnt accompanying your dad.
2. Your tax assessment is less than 20K
3. Your dad was considered a potential immigrant.
4. Your dad does not have full time employment.

Immovable assets are not consisdered as cash at hand.

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a lot of people have medical issues at age 60 and above and is difficult to hide or camaflouge. It happened to one of my colleuges here. He is a contractor in the construction industry.To save a few pennies in medical insurance for his dad who has a history of heart problems whre he lied on the visa form, got the visa , came to canada, got sick, admitted to hospital,triple bypass surgery performed with pacemaker and defribillator... final cost 200K. want to try this stunt again. I suggest Take a couple of weeks every year and go see them. they will be more happy to see you there than you dragging them here 15000miles and leaving them at home to claen up your mess while youre at work.
2000$ a ticket is not big deal for someone who is making 100K a year.Dont show off, try making $100K /year in India, let see how far can you get

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Is it ok if someone is going to be inviting their inlaws as the spouse is in a lower tax bracket or no income et all which could increase the changes of rejection ? I have heard people writing invitation letters to invite their inlaws.

Out of the listed documents below which need to be sent, need to make sure whether copies of payslips, T4, Notice of asssessment is fine or need them notarized? Someone was suggesting to send T4/NOA originals itself.

Also, lot of people suggest not to include anything about pregnancy, as that could lead to rejection.

Also, what is the minimum amount to be shown in bank deposits? Or would CA document which lists all assets like property, pension income, bank deposits etc suffice?

Documents submitted from our side in Canada

1) Notarized Invitation letter
2) Employment letter from my husband showing 70k salary
3) Pay slips for the last six months
4) We have been here for a year now so submitted the T4 form for the year 2006
5) Bank statement showing a balance of around 20k
6) House ownership
7) A letter from my doctor confirming my pregnancy . I stated this as the primary reason for my parents visit here in my invitation letter.

Documents submitted by my parents

1) Bank deposits -My parents showed around 10 lakhs
2) Got his house valued and showed corresponding papers. I think he got a Chartered accountant in India to do this
3) Passports

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Other than invitation letter (again notorising is optional but it helps), you need not notorise anything. ALso donot send the originals as you will not get it back and if you need to apply again, then it will be difficult for you.
If your spouse is not earning enough and you need to invite your in laws, both of you can write and sign the invitation letter. Be sure to prove the relationship between you and the spouse and between the spouse and the parents (Birth certificate / Marriage certificate/ Passport pages).
MP's letter helps (to be sent in Original). Pregnancy note may or may not help.
Though there is no written statement, the Visa officers would look for atleast 45K salary for sponsering but 60K and above is very good. Higher the salary, lower the need for high deposits. For a 45K salary, 20K to 25K min. in savings would be very good (to be there for atleast 6 months)
The latest pay slip + employement letter is enough. You need to send 6 months of your bank statement.
From India :
2 years of income tax payment
6 months of bank statements.

But in your case, since your husband is earning 70K, there are very great chances that the visitor's visa will come through. Your greatest trouble (if at all) would be to convince the visa officers that your parents have sufficient ties to return back to India after delivery help. Concentrate on that . Money will not be an issue in this case.

Sonajatt : The visa officer will seek proof about the person taht you are inviting. For this reason they ask to see the relavant passport pages (Indian) and / or birth certificate. If you donot show they, they will delay or reject the application form. Visa officers are not fools.

Peace by TK

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Luckily I aplied visitor visa for my parents and they got
it with multiple entry.
I aplied in September and they replied in positive in November.
Thank God.

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