Driving in India

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Goldfinger - thanks for posting that video about driving in India.

Some on you-tube found it hilarious - I personally found it scary, having driven here in a safe environment for so long. Did you notice how many times the trucks are on the verge of colliding with other vehicles, and stop just a few feet away?

PS: where were the cops?.So much so, for an "emerging super power" !!

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Thanks all for the valuable information. I will avoid driving myself.

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Originally posted by ILOVENA

PS: where were the cops?.

One thing I did notice during my recent trip, - there were actually few cops trying to do their jobs. But when you have most drivers that don't give a damn about the cops, it's hard to control everyone and enforce everything. It just appeared to be a fruitless struggle.


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Driving in India, generally means that you have to adjust to 3 things:
- Driving on the other side of the road
- Driving with manual transmission (remember the gear and the clutch thingies?!!)
- Driving without rules

Having said that, I always end up driving in India borrowing my dad's car. THe first couple of days are a bit stressful in adjusting to the factors above - but by day 3 old memories kick in and I drive like I used to.

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It's probably safer & hasslefree hiring a temporary driver rather than going through driving license permits etc. It Depends on when was the last time you drove around in india. I usually go every year or every other year & it takes me a day or two to get adjusted to driving. Depending on state/city you are going to you probably get a driver for cheaper & beleive me it's not fun driving in traffic. Let me give you a funny instance i encountered myself during my visit 2 years before. I was driving in my lane sincerely obeying all rules in one of the local streets & a shared auto was passing by my side & by the time the auto was beside my drivers window the auto driver had to completly & quickly manuever to far right to avoid one of his passenger who was 10% inside & 90% outside hanging almost hitting my side mirror. That auto driver then literally stopped his auto infront of my car & came out & closed my side mirror & gave me a warning not to open again. There was no point arguing there or else i know what would be my situation :-) Anyway's i am not saying that this is going to happen or bad things happen but it's best to hire a driver & relax comfortably & enjoy which u hardly have a chance here in US/Canada.

Originally posted by web2000

I am holding OCI and travelling to India. I have few questions regarding driving in India.

1. Can I get IDL (Internation dr. lic) here which I can use to drive in India.
2. Is my Canadian dr. licence be helful to get Indian dr. lic.

I have to stay there for couple of months and just want to know what will be the best options which permit me to drive in India.


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