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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-04-12 06:45:05

hi every one,

How much does it cost in Canada... driving school + driving test fee?

total amount?

Does a License from India is valid or one has to pass the road test?

Thanks and Regards,

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-04-12 08:40:40

Hello KK,

Watch this video for canadian graduating driving licence.


If you talking about a driving a car, than there are three steps:

First you have to get G1 - a written test, Cost $125 for test and add $30 - 40 for a Book if you buy it otherwise it is free in some libraries. http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/faq/driver.shtml#driverfees
This basic licence expires in 5 yrs. You can drive the car with this licence only if somebody who has G licence for 3 or more years seats beside you.

Than you have to take atleast 10 in-car lessons cost ranges from 25 - 45 per hour. Say between $ 250 - 450 depending upon who your instructor is.....

Once you are confident.......

Second is G2 licence - a tough road test for GTA residents. A driving inspector seats besides you and asks to do diffrent things. Cost $ 75 for road test and $ 100 for the instructor who let you borrow his car for toad test. So say $175.

If you fail this test $175 again..... Lets hope you passed it on your first attempt, I failed 4 times though......

This licence also expires unfortunately and you do not want to let it expire otherwise a horrble road test AGAIN ?????

Third and last is a G licence. This is full unrestricted licence. and it also expires but can be renewed without road test. This is a major identity card in canada. Advanced G licences can serve as your passport if you want to travel USA.

You need to pass a road test on 400 series high-Way. Whare examiner will ask you to do different things. It will also cost you $175 per attempt.

AND you can not drive using your INDIAN license

એક જ ટીપામાં હો જાણે સાત સમંદર,
એવા ઝંઝાવાત હજુ હૈયાની અંદર

Member since: Jan 12
Posts: 15

Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-04-12 09:41:32

Thanks a lot love_n_peace

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