Renting Car/ driving in India

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 19-07-08 05:24:30

Hi Friends;

I plan to visit India in August end.
Suggestions are requested for renting car/SUV in Delhi/ Chandigarh with driver. Being for more number of days this time, I wish to have option of driving on selected sections. What kind of driving permit I need to have for that?


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It will be cheaper to hire a SUV like Toyota Innova 2.2L with driver at your disposable.

The going rate is Rs. 8/- to Rs 9/- per KM with sundry charges for the driver @ Rs. 200/- 250/- per overnight stay.

This way you will enjoy the drive sitting back and avoid fatigue as well.

Enjoy ! Remember to book vehicle with double AC blower, otherwise the AC louvres in front do not suffice for people sitting in mid and back section of the vehicle.


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Go for AC SUV always because even if the weather is quite OK by Aug end its the pollution that you want to stay away from. We made that mistake of hiring a non-ac car for 1 day when it was quite pleasant after light drizzle while driving in Delhi but my kids fell sick due to the pollution.
They may charge Rs 9 or 10 for AC diesel car.
Having a driver is good coz it saves you from unwanted exertion in Delhi's traffic. However if you are driving on Greater Noida express way or Delhi Chandigarh highway...roads are very wide and good now and you can drive there. To get a driver's license you need to show proof of residence in India via you Voter's I-card /passport /house tax bill/ration card . So if you can produce any two of these you can get a driver's license but if your stay is not very extended, I would say just hire a driver !
Make sure driver you hire is familiar with the places you plan to travel and better if you take someone with you who knows the routes/shortcuts to save time.
Have a nice time and don't forget to take medication before leaving esp for kids!

desi in ottawa   
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We were in Delhi for four days, rented a car with driver. IMO, traffic is much better. If u r going to Agra, then get a driver, they know how to drive on the hwy. One has to come to a standstill from 80 kmph as there is a rickshaw infront going at 5 kmph with 10+ hanging on.

On a sidenote, the Taj Expressway is coming up, hopefully will start by the end of this year. One can zoom to Agra is less than 3 hours.


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I see it from a different perspective.
You may be able to drive the car with an international driving license or may be Indian recogonises Chinese / Canadian DL to be at par with Indian DL but I would strongly advise you not to be behind the wheel in India.
Indian people have a nasty habit of willfully falling into the Car's way and hurting themselves so that they can extract money from you. With a driver, you need not worry, it at all such a situation occurs. You can just walk out of the place. There have been instances in which the drivers have been beaten by the local passerby's when you meet with an accident and injure some one (irrespective of who is faulty, it is normally the driver of the vehicle who bears the brunt- unless you have political connections).
When I was in Tamil nadu, My father never allows me to drive the vehicle even in the village as he said that if at all I hurt some one, the police can arrest me and put me in detension until the case comes into trial and will be barred from travelling from outside India until justice is done.
So I strongly suggest that even if it requires you to walk from Delhi to agra, it would be much better than putting yourself behind the wheel. Please use Auto / Bus for cheaper method of transporation (if needed). On a side note, I doubt if you will find India to be more polluted from China (Your present country of residence)


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Hire an Indica with a driver for CAD 25 / day :) and sit back and relax --- take the wheel and you will be exhausted .

If you want more comfort and an occassional snooze , hire an Inova / Qualis and sleep in the rear ........... wow Indian luxuries :)

Don't drive in India if you have not for the past couple of years . It could be risky . But yes take an air conditioned vehicle to avoid pollution .


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Thanks so much for all the replies and good advises.

I have zeroed on Innova at Rs 9 per km + 100 per day + some sundry charges.
Certainly I will not even drive for pleasure. Having driven on Indian roads for 20 plus years, I feel safe not to do it now after a gap of 6 years.
Yes TK, air quality (and behavior of people in general and drivers in particular) in China is better than India. But I will restraint myself saying more on it.


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