where to return I-94

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Option 4 -(copied from my post in the other thread)

Go to arrival area on Terminal 3 at Pearson (I think this should be at other terminals as well). There is a customs office there, its approximately in the middle of the terminal. Its a windowless office, you have to hit the buzzer outside on the speakerbox and tell the customs officer that you're there to return your I-94. They'll open the door and let you in and take your I-94. Whenever I have returned it, they don't check any other documentation, just take your I-94 and that's it.

Does not take more than 5 minutes to return it. I have done this several times without issue.

Are you there?

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You can also mail the i94 back, i have done this a number of times..


If you have failed to turn in your I-94, U.S. Customs and Borders recommends sending the I-94 along with any documentation that proves you have left the U.S. to:

ACS Inc.

1084 South Laurel Rd.

London, Kentucky 40744

Documentation that may be submitted to prove your departure from the U.S. can include the boarding pass from your flight, copies of your flight itinerary, credit card payments made outside the U.S., etc. If you exited the country by a land border it is more difficult to verify that you did in fact leave the country on the date you claim. If you have any documentation of your arrival in your home country (e.g., a passport stamp), then you should send a copy of that.

If ACS Inc. does not receive supporting documents that substantiate your claim to have left the U.S. on a certain date, there is no guarantee that you will be entered into the record as having done so. CBP strongly urges individuals to keep a copy of all materials sent to ACS Inc. and to carry it with them the next time they come to the U.S. in case the CBP officer has any questions about eligibility to enter. CBP processes this paperwork in approximately four months. After this time, you may request confirmation that your departure was recorded by writing to ACS, Inc. at the address provided above.

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Detach it from passport and dump it . I have done it many number of times and never faced a problem and never asked. I fly US every month on my job.

Now with a new cross border alignment between the two countries they exchange all the info about entry and exit of every person . All airline have to do that.

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I trashed my I-94 when I completed on L1, Came to Canada, as I was not sure whether that was last trip due to work form home option and did not have motivation to go to airport or border, never informed authorities. In few months applied for the B1 , while stamping , the officer stamped cancelled on L1 visa (and also H1 which i never used). Never asked abt the I-94 or any other 'why' question.

Disclaimer - Mine was a bad stunt which worked, Pls follow at your own risk and com-sense. I'll not follow it myself.

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Originally posted by looklook
Now with a new cross border alignment between the two countries they exchange all the info about entry and exit of every person . All airline have to do that.

What new alignments ? I heard this kind of talk from another friend but can you elobarate and provide sources ?
I am curious to know because recently (in February'12) I entered in states in the morning and returned in the evening and told Canadian authorities that I am returning after 3 days.... They let me entered without any questions.. I have done this stunt twice, once when on non-Canadian passport where I had a valid I-94 issued in previous trip and second with Canadian passport.
I understand there is a high risk in what I did. But that's not the point.. What kind of entry exit info do they share ?

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