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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-11-06 18:19:39

Originally posted by Loser Two


I agree with you regarding the responsibility of the drivers on the Road, but The driving instructors have less ethics or no etics on their business. Their sole motto is making money.................not teaching properly to new drivers.

Every year about 200,000 immigrants are landing in Canada assume 50 % of the immigrants are taking driving lessons and paying $ 400 to $500..............see the amount of business to Govt of Canada and to driving schools.

Loser Two because could not get H1B. So next option "Immigration to Canada".

That is an all together different problem on its own and not all instructors are such. You need an instructor for G2 probably, but for G, it is definitely just your driving experience. It is not 'necessary' to rely on an instructor. And mind you, if your driving instructor has not taught you properly which was the reason for failing the test, you can always complain to the MTO - if they have a few complaints against the instructor or the school, thier license get revoked. As per my experience, for every topic/activity the instructor is 'supposed' to teach you, there is a check list that you have to sign which indicates that he has taught you the skill and you sign in confirmation. If you have not acquired the skill in full, you can refuse to sign till it is complete. Please understand that any additional in-class lessons for that purpose are chargeable extra - but then it is not the instructor's fault if the student's learning curve is below average.

Regarding examination fees, the MTO do have thier overheads to support to provide the facilities, though the amount is queationable- but then, this is canada- nothing is cheap/free.:(


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Firstly I didn't get your username. You should not only keep a positive name rather should also be optimistic in life. Atleast this is what I think.

Secondly, it hardly matters where you give the G test. I tell you why, its not only dependent on the center, your driving instructor, the way you take it but also on your luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Believe me my husband is a driving insrtructor and he teaches his students thoroughly and takes his students mostly to brampton, sometimes Eglinton.
His passing rate is also good. Students who fails sometimes ask him to take to kitchner or guelph but they finally passed in Brampton. So it varies person to person and also depends upon th examiner.

Little advice in case you fail(I hope not) don't change the center.

Good luck

Loser Two   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-11-06 20:48:42

I have no car in Canada.............learning from the instructor car............

My user name sounds negative .......................but .......that is very ture .............. I couldnot forget the reason..........................

I am trying to be an optimistic ..........................again there is a but .............. I got my G2 driving licesne after my fourth attempt and spending huge $$$.................

I was a very good driver in Backhome and had direct eligibility for the G license test.

Loser Two because could not get H1B. So next option "Immigration to Canada"

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-11-06 01:03:09

We all become loosers at some point of our lives. So I think we shouldn't be dragging oour mistakes in the future too. Rather try to improve upon by learning.

No matter how good u had been driving backhome here in Canada if I say in hindi that would be better.........ke achhe se achha bhi maat kha jata hai aur bure se bura pass ho jata hai. So sometimes its a matter of luck and time. So don't get disheartened. I tell u man, U may laugh if u come to know that I pased my G1 in fourth attempt and G2 in first!!!!!!!!!!

Few tips for G----work on your weak points, parking an d all, take care of ramp speed while entering highway. Try to take your friend with you for practice who has atleast 4 yrs of exp.

good luck

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-11-06 16:21:30

Hi Loser Two,

I landed here on Oct 4th, took 4 driving lessons and passed G in first attempt at Oakville. If you are in Mississauga I can give you the drivers details.

Best of Luck


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-01-07 17:22:18

Loser Two !

I passed G in first attempt from Oakville !

You can call Joe Chopra - 416-670-8871 (Instructor).

Best Wishes


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-01-07 22:08:08

my two paisas:

All moral and ethics issues apart, there's no harm in taking your test in Kitchener. I did so and passed the first time. I didn't necessarily do this to circumvent "resposibility" but to take a damn test and get on the damn road.

So go ahead. If you didn't make many mistakes you will pass. People avoid areas in the GTA because examiners from those location expect perfection and you can't buy that for a zillion dollars.

I am sorry I have no experience at the centers you mentioned.


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