Long Covid - There's health insurance that can help

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Only a relatively small percentage of people who catch covid19 die. Most people who catch it either recover quite quickly, or experience no symptoms at all. But a significant percentage of people who contract covid get quite bad symptoms, which last for weeks. In the UK, they are calling this 'long covid'.

It is estimated that about 10% of those who contract covid have symptoms lasting 12 weeks or longer. Another 10% have symptoms that last between five and ten weeks. Here's an article with more information about 'long covid':


We are all learning about the health effects of covid, as they develop. That is, this is a developing story. It has been suggested that we don't really know yet what the long term consequences of having contracted covid will be - even for those that catch it and have mild symptoms that go away quickly. Can complications re-occur years later? We don't know yet.

Will some people who suffer from 'Long Covid' have compromised health indefinitely? This is better understood, and the answer is yes. And there will be future cures for long covid sufferers that become discovered by health specialists in the future. There has to be.

Literally, there are hundreds of thousands of 'long covid' sufferers around the world already. Not all of them will suffer for years and years before a solution is found for how to treat their newly created chronic (lung, voice, inflammation, fatigue, breathlessness, anxiety, chest pain, brain fog', etc.) condition. But thousands will end up suffering from chronic, ongoing issues.

So why am I bringing this to your attention? Because there is insurance in Canada to help navigate this risk - and business owners should learn more about it. At least for themselves, if not for their ey employees as well.

Do you think that when (for example, two years from now) a certain health specialist (for example, a world leading voice box specialist surgeon) somewhere in the world creates a new procedure that can address and alleviate one of the 'top five' long covid chronic conditions (LCCC) - that us Canadians will find that the specialist with the cure works in the hospital we are allowed to go to?

Are you being overly optimistic? Do you think you'll be able to arrange for the world specialist to see yourself, or your spouse, or your child....in _____(fill in the foriegn country here....Germany, USA, France, etc.) where they find the cure? And, if so, how much will that cure cost? Medical procedures aren't cheap in the USA, or around the world - and in the beginning, a newly discovered cure that applies to thousands of sufferers of the same chronic condition will be in high demand. Canadians aren't used to paying privately for care.

But there is a policy Canadians can buy (only before they ever contract covid in order for the coverage to be as solid as gold) that will not only be able to arrange to get an appointment for the new procedure or treatment with an international specialist when a cure is discovered - but the insurance will pay for the medical costs of treatment (inside or outside Canada).

There's only one website in Canada that will actually quote this insurance solution for you and allow you to apply and purchase it online (all provinces except QC):

links removed. Business promotion is prohibited in charcha.

But, it's not cheap. For a business owner in his late 50s, it might cost $4500/year. But if the person has an incorporated company, that's a tax deduction. The insurance itself is medically underwritten, so if you already have a heart condition, for example, you may be out of luck. But high blood pressure only? They'll probably take that risk depending on age.

For groups of 5 or more (the owner(s), and a small group of employees), there is no medical underwriting so even if a person in the group had a heart condition, any future medical expenses (i.e. heart surgery in the Mayo Clinic, USA) that are related to heart would be paid! (but only after a two year waiting period).

There are many reasons to look at purchasing international health insurance, like this. I mean, small business owners, large corporations, athletes, and people in rural areas away from good hospitals were buying this BEFORE covid. But now that we can see that long covid is a real issue that will linger in society for years for many people until future cures are found - the reason(s) to look at purchasing this 'Best Doctors' insurance is even more compelling.

All the best info for why Canadians should consider it - is on that link above (they don't just sell super visa and visitors to Canada insurance).

Read this if you think I'm over reacting:



Member since: Jun 11
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Please let me know if this was informative. Questions?


Garvo Gujarati   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 06-04-21 13:22:03

Good information. I believe people would prefer to wait and watch before jumping into any conclusion. There are lots of uncertainties at the moment.

A Proud Indian Canadian

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