Losing values

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-11-05 09:23:35

I wish to have comments of fellow CDs on this issue. Question is, \\\"Do we tend to loose our cultural values in Canada?\\\". Lot of us may not even bother about this. But I am sure few of us would. Especially, for the well being of our kids.

So I wish to ask those few, what all do they do to ensure that their kids do not loose the values for which Indian are famous for. I will appreciate replies on this topic.

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This is indeed a good question which perhaps people try to avoid.

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Thats true, indeed its a challenge for any parents or upcoming parents to ensure their kids keep with their orgnal culture than the new inherited culture. From my experience I found that

Kids when are from 1-12, they could be mold according to the parents though, like sending them to visit their grand parents and relatives, making them to go for music classes or ramayana or other respective religious classes... but then

the real challenge lies when the kids are around 12-18 yrs old, its when the revolt attitude comes in..when they hate their traditional relatives who wear saree and eat rice in india.. and when they feel their parents are one among them... and when kids feel they should be different, they should be alike their friends...

But when they reach 19/20 + they try to see the good things in our culture, and makes a big leap to get into it..but somtimes people among us itself try to throw them away..saying you don't know hindi or you dont belong to us.. othertimes they are welcomed. In the first case, when they rebound...they go way away from their tradition... in the latter case everything shines good and parents are proud!!

Well i could be wrong as I'm a bachelor and don't have kid!! :)

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 26-11-05 12:43:20

Two questions for the original poster:

1. Can you define our cultural values and how and if they are different?

2. Is this question intended for Indians alone? If yes, why? Do you think that non-Indian do not have any cultural values? If you think they have, then this question should be universal, in which case the question no. 1 above becomes more important.



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Also, why the topic is Loosing values - could it not be aquiring new values? It is just question and would like comments on that too.



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If you are immigrating to Canada, trying to maintain an Indian attitude may not be such a good thing. When in Rome, do as the Romans do :-)

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Orginally posted by Fonzie

If you are immigrating to Canada, trying to maintain an Indian attitude may not be such a good thing. When in Rome, do as the Romans do :-)

IMHO, this board is behaving like a broken needle, playing the same song. Just few days ago, somebody posted a similar topic


First of all, what is Indian values or Indian attitude?

I belive most of people (and I may be wrong) equate Canadian values to premarital sex, and living separate from parents at age of 18. Since we live with our parents even after our adulthood, we believe that living a separate from parents is bad thing to do, and anybody who does such thing should be condemned.

I think, that for Canadians (read Caucasians or people of European descent), getting away from their parents after age of 18 is normal. In their society, living with your parents after you have reached adulthood, might be considered an abnormal thing. So why criticize Canadian way of thinking?

And what are Indian values? If I can list them

(1) Hypocrisy - Consider sex has a western malaise and treat it as a four letter word. You enjoy doing it, but too ashamed to talk about it

(2) Control freak parents, who won't allow their children to take their own decisions, on name of respect.

(3) Instances during shooting of \"Water\", where we turn blind eye to what happens to widows in Benares, but protest when somebody tries to expose such events

(4) Littering on roads and public places, lack of places of personal convenience, instances of corruption in public services, instances such as killing of Manjunath?

List can go on and on..

Evne though I am very proud of being an Indian, I cannot turn a blind eye to some of the things associated to India to which I do not agree.

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