Steps involved in PR application & approval

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ND Singh
with a c.c. to GG (the owner!)

Having read so many different posts relating to immigration process, do you think it would be a good idea if all of you, in your own words and from your own experience, give a summary of the whole process and expected time each process might take practically??? I know that the basic process might be listed in CIC websites, but you as immigration experts can help everyone using this site (and people like me who keep getting enquiries from family and friends at times) if the complete process is outlined in say a page or two in your own words. Yes the individual cases would have their own twists, but I feel the basic process would remain the same and might answer many of the questions you otherwise receive forcing you to repeat the same answers.

And while writing in your own words, you could perhaps give a glossory of abbreviations that you guys use (many of which I am not able to understand since may be I did not have to go thru it - say like IELTS).

Just a suggestion for helping everyone!


Advice is free – lessons I charge for!!

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