To do things while leaving for airport

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-03-06 10:45:56

Dear friends,

I will be leaving for toronto day after tomorrow by Alitalia from delhi. Can anybody let me know how many hours should i reach the delhi airport before the schedule departure of flight for customs and other checkups. Thanks

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A good 3 hour advance arrival is a must.

You normally go through baggage security screen, get stickers on the bags, go through check in, fill up emigration form, clear through emigration, go through multiple security layers (x-ray, personal search, etc) and finally board the aircraft.

Hope this helps.


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You may like to add 30-40 minutes extra, to "normal" travel time by taxi / car to IGI Airport, to take into account the traffic snarls. Better early than late.

"Normal" travel time to IGI Airport:

From North Delhi: 90 minutes to 120 minutes
From South Delhi: 30 mintues to 45 minutes


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If you are looking for Choice seats, make it atleast 4 hrs before scheduled departure. The checkin counters open 4 hrs before depart. Be the first to get your choice of seat as well as you might be able to check in any excess baggage you might be carrying.

All the best.


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and if you are picky about seats, check :D Really good site.

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Thanks to everybody for ur views.

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