Summer Picnic Year 2005

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-12-04 19:11:34

Dear GG,
It is indeed very good idea to book a spot,for picnic, I shall make it with family, I suggest we make it to a spot accessible by TTC, otherwise new immigrant like me w\o car cannot make it , I am sure I can get a ride form members but ride for a family can be difficult to manage , this probably is applicable to all those w\o car.
I am also ready to share any responsibility in arrangement.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-12-04 00:26:08

Dear Rashmibhai & all,

Yesterday I went back home and told my wife about the PICNIC, she was very happy. In fact for people like us, it would be an immediate feel of "HOME AWAY FROM HOME". I know the same is with all, but for us it would be a great thing happening as soon as we land in a new place.

I fully endorse reachash's idea of putting a POLL for the location. In fact we can declare a TIME-LIMIT, I mean a week or 10 days in which we will BOOK POLLS from active members. Either we can make the "PERIOD" as the basis or "QUANTITY OF POLLS" a basis (for e.g the first 100 polls).

I am in India (India se kuchh lana hai to bolo picnic ke liye :D ), and landing in FEb end or March begining. I would love to be a virtual member of the OC contributing from INDIA before march. ONLINE MEMBER OF THE OC :cheers: :D



Garvo Gujarati   
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 29-12-04 10:02:46

We don't have enough time to discuss the spot. If I put it here with options we will never reach a conclusion. Even to organize a committe and than come to a decision before Jan 2 is not possible.

What I suggest is, let me locate a spot and book it. For us spot doesn't matter, only thing we should have enough facilities available. Now as Chandresh Suggested we can book a park that is not in GTA, so people attending it are 100% committed!

I know few spots can book any of them. However if anyone of you would like to take a lead and book it on CDs behalf, I would be more than happy, as anyways I am very busy for next few weeks.

A Proud Indian Canadian

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-01-05 13:05:00

I wasn't in Toronto for the last summers pinic. But guess, it turned out to be a good success.

Can some people who attended/organized it list the highlights of that picnic ? And share their experiences ?
Number of people?
Ratio of new comers to old timers ?
Location, Food, ?
Identify what could have been done better last time?
etc, etc...

Assuming, it turned out to be nice, A couple of thoughts:

a. Why just one? Think of more than 1 picnics? Maybe one in GTA and others outside(if feasible)..

b. I love picnics, but whats a pinic without a beach? How about 1000 islands? Or some park to the far east?
If properly managed, and if we can have an accurate estimate of the number of people attending, we could all start off from one location and pool other people in our vehicles. Eg. I can probably acccomodate 3 more people ? Or, we could even think of renting a bus for the day?

c. How many of you go camping? How about camping this year? Last year, i managed to camp up north in Parry Sound.. Turned out to be pretty nice... Again, to camp for good spots in July, you need to reserve by end of February

d. Maybe some organisers can meet in person in January somewhere n GTA to discuss the comfort levels and getting the expectations right here.... And perhaps steam up some of these ideas....

Cheers, bison :p

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-02-05 20:36:31

Helloooo!!! Anyone home ?

R U there?

Or, Do we need some polls for picnics/camping this year ?

:p bison

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-02-05 02:15:05

Orginally posted by bison

Helloooo!!! Anyone home ?

R U there?

Or, Do we need some polls for picnics/camping this year ?

:p bison

Camping : I am game for it.....tell me when

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-02-05 11:00:24

I am all in all for camping too :clap: :H :ylsuper: ..... but then .... being a junior desi would go with the majority.

Pardon my ignorance ..... what are the mechanics ...... when and to who do we send the names to ...... how much do we need to contribute ????? etc etc the date ?????

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