Airport drop question and suggestions.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 15-11-05 02:59:37


Nice gesture.

good way of making contacts & help CDs. You could look at this as a business & community service also. enjoy !!



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Orginally posted by seenappa

This Thursday, i hope to do a dry-run on using the TTC to the airport and will post my experience to see if the timings work in our favor.

Before TTC dry run do you want VJ to also do a dry run.....;)( \\\"Save $5 bucks on TTC ticket, 10% of taxi fare\\\";) with empty bags, wife, baby, you & VJ ofcourse stuffed in VJ's car including VJ's huge heart....just to check if all of you fit in VJ's car. Don't forget to make VJ sit in car for dry run because he will be driving his car. OR another option can be,
VJ drop his car at you place
VJ takes TTC back home
You drive VJ's car to airport
VJ takes TTC to airport and meet you at Terminal
You thank VJ to be part of your s*# plan,
You save 50$....................:cheers:
BTW, do you plan to buy gift from India for VJ as a good gesture or just a cuppa coffee from Timi .....:D

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Orginally posted by seenappa

As mentioned by hchheda, chinese have found/finding a alternative by employing a private service..i am sure we desis can do better..No?:huh:

As regards the cheap taxi operated by chinese, CDs should not try to compete. Why should we labour when somebody else is willing to do it cheaper... $25 to $30 is more than one can ask for for a ride to the airport, remember, it is a VAN.

I am not thier sales person, just reasoning.

Good luck seenappa. Do share your experience and how you finally made it.


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Just call me after 6 pm My number is 647 274 2584.We can solve the problem .

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Is it possible to check-in the baggage in airline's city office earlier?

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Orginally posted by seenappa

My mistake, if i have given the impression that i am trying to save a few bucks on taxi by listing the alternatives.

You are trying to reach airport with family and baggage with budget of around $5-$6. It is not impossible considering your alternatives if time and convenience do not matter. I do not think anybody can beat your TTC plan. It might take a few hours extra reaching airport or you have to stand in cold waiting for the bus or changing buses/trains thrice but you save money!

LD, I do not think any airlines would have the option of checking bagagge in at city office.

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Orginally posted by seenappa

No doubt, the taxiwalla has to make a living. But, then it comes at my cost. Consider this, a taxi in the vicinity of your house will take your call and drop you off at the airport for 60$ and airport being a hot pickup zone for passengers the return trip is also made at a profitable cost for the taxiwalla. I have in the past come across :evil: taxiwallas playing mind games to drive me from airport to home..bad karma there.



If I'm not mistaken, there are some rules in place for regular taxis when it comes to picking up passengers from the airport. They just can't cherry-pick customers, and for that matter, I don't think they can even pick up customers. I'm talking of regular cabs not the limo's.

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