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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 21-04-07 19:26:58

First of all, excuse me if this question has been repeated before and I was unable to find it.

I am very new in Canada with no credit history. I started my job just a couple of weeks back. I landed here at the end of last month hence no knowledge of issues related to driving in canada.

I have been driving in France for four years on Pakistani driving license as foreign students in France are not required to get a French driving license.

I want two things:

1) G2 or G driving license.

2) A cheap second hand car.

My Questions are:

1) What should be my strategy with MTO officials? Does your attitude and the manner you introduce your driving experience work to get your license converted to Candian one? Or they have well defined criteria (not involving any personal assessment/judgement by MTO official).

2) I need to buy a cheap car with minimum insurance. Which is the easiest way to get a bank loan for buying a second hand car? (as I have no credit history and only one month old job, are their any chances fot getting a financing option from dealer/bank?)

3) How much insurance cost should I expect? Does insurance cost change annually or monthly?

Thanks in advance for answers...

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1) G2 or G driving license.
--> you have to apply for G2 and then G
2) A cheap second hand car
--->Search the web(autotrader) or look through ads in Toronto star

Canada does not have any reciprocal agreement with Pakistan, hence cannot convert your Pakistan license to Canadian.

You have to show proof of your driving experience (not driving license) from your country, that will be considered and you can take road test right away provided you pass the knowledge (theoritical) test, otherwise you have to wait for minimum 1 year to take up G2.Your attitude and the manner does not count

Insurance is high/probably much higher than the cost of your car

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Whatever you do take your time, LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE IN A HURRY.
My advice

- I suggest buying a second hand car from a dealer

- I was in a hurry and made a mistake.

- Take the VIN number of the car you are going to buy and take a
vehicle history. You can either get this from Ministry of Transport
or from CARFAX. ($20 you send for this is worth it).

- Take the car to an independent mechanic, and let him drive it and
give you an opinion. You have driven for 4 years so you have an idea
of cars, have a good look at the engine, examine the body, put the car
on host and have a look. (this is possible only at small garages due to
safety issues)

- UVIP (used vehicle information package) which is available from
the Ministry of trasport gives a basic value of the car. (this is based on
the model, kms done etc) take the lower limit as the value of your car.

Search in Charcha there are some very very good advices posted here.

Best of luck.


Share what u know, Learn what u dont

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I know of a very good dealer who can help with an excellent used car.
I got mine from him at half the price as compared to a dealership and with all certificates and checks. Send me a PM and I will give you his number.

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