Which atta do u use?

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I will provide you with a name and their locations of the STORES where they were displaying Shakti Atta. Please call and verify before you make a BEE line.

Locations.: http://www.asianfoodcentre.com/index.php?controller=cms?id_cms=8


ADM are the largest and the biggest Grain company in the whole world. Their products are the robust and the best and might need a slight blending at home to get the softness in our production of Chappaties, Rotis, Naan and Puries. The amount needed may not be much but calls for a small amount of experimentation to arrive at the level of softness that we expect. They sell it to the public at a rock bottom price of $9.00/20kgs and there is a substantial mark up by the sellers, so, try to bargain with the sellers. All the other All purpose flour and Atta's are sold as per their brand names and they all are NO BETTER THAN A.D.M.'s products. So, be guided by your own judgment. NOTE.: If you cannot consume 20 KGs in a couple of months, then try and share it with some one you can. The taste tends to get bitter and also the GLUTEN precipitates and the product becomes heavy.

When Chappaties are made, the product can be drawn out or made thinner as the DURUM Wheat is the heaviest of the whole lot and renders to thinning.

Any freshly cooked product deserves to be eaten as fast as they get cooked to enjoy the fresh taste, and if it is to be eaten a few minutes after cooking then, it is preferable that it gets covered with a towel and also gets stored in a covered container to retain the softness and the warmth as you pull them out one after another while you continue enjoying the chappaties/rotis. When consumed after a delay, it changes in taste and structure.

Bon Apetit.


P.S. When ever you use a machine to KNEAD flour, ALWAYS Use ICED Water with Ice Cubes in it, as it generates excessive heat and the texture of the dough becomes unsuitable to make your finished product, such as Pizza crust, Chappaties etc., and many a Chef will prefer to do the same by hand if only a small quantity is needed. The increase in temperature though not noticeable to touch, is substantial enough to ruin the finished products. So, be aware.

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Thank You So Much FH ... Ever thought of writing your own encyclopedia ...or may be we can compile all your posts on CD and it will become one !!!

Thanks again Sir for your time , effort and above all the will to help others !


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Thank you FIDO. Before the advent of Internet and Google search, we tried to absorb and retain a whole lot of information within our own system and all of it gets lodged in the cranium and whenever a need arises it re-surfaces to the top. BUT....

There is always a trigger that activates it and I find that you are so close to me in my thinking and actions and I wonder if there are a similar or a mirror images of thoughts and actions and what it is that keeping you from taking over the activities here, or even helping yourself?

It is my unfounded conclusion, that I find that you are your own worst enemy and ONLY IF you could understand how much people will appreciate you, if you can shed that small veil that will let you see it and that which is preventing you from reaching it or if you need any further assistance in accomplishing what ever that you ever wanted to, I will surely step in and give you that slight nudging, because.... you humble me with your praises and I am shamed so much, your words disable me to a level, which disallows me to say thanks.

You are a Very Smart Man. Take it from me.


I was just thinking, I have also used the warm water too to mix while making the dough. But it was to activate the YEAST and that warm yeast mix also gets in prior to kneading, being insufficient, I did add to it the very cold iced water and I wanted to edit again and inform you that I have added a warm mix up of the yeast to it. I noted down your observations and its occurrence.

There is a family heirloom there in India, Made by Braun, which cost us a fortune those days and here is link to their product. Except for cooking, it does everything.


15 bucks up/15 bucks down. : http://www.kijiji.ca/v-other-home-appliance/london/braun-kitchen-machine-may-3/1159966803?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true


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The dough hooks of a hand mixer can also be used to knead the chapati flour. You cannot compare it with Kitchenaid though. The hand mixer hooks break easily. Reminds of the Hindi saying "Mehanga lage ek baar, sasta lage baar baar."

Hand Mixer: http://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/black-decker-6-speed-hand-mixer-with-storage-case-0432195p.html#.VyE6g_krJD8

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Update on ADM & beyond.

Just to share we brought ADM from Patels and were perplexed to find the date printed on it as MA082016 .... This was in end of April ... if the date was to be read as May 08 2016, then that was just a week away and if it was Mar 2016 , the atta was expired .

I checked with Asian Food Centre also and there also on about 30 packets the date was MA282016 ...The Manager had a unique explanation - ' ADM has printed it incorrectly ' .

Patel's manager had no clue about the dates and promised to come back to me after checking with the distributor.. which he never did ... Anyways we returned the unopened bag.

The next week we got a Canadian made (Brampton based) Whole Wheat flour bag from Costco and the rotis are remarkably different from what I have eaten in the past .... they are more fibrous and slightly rougher .. which I love to devour :)

Don't recall the brand but it was the only one in a brown packaging.


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In food labeling MA is May, MR is March.

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Thanks 'rajcanada' and 'fido' for all the info on this product and labeling. I will just supplement with the CSA/GC web link here.


"Best before" dates on products with a shelf life greater than 90 days..: Foods with an anticipated shelf life greater than 90 days are not required to be labelled with a "best before" date or storage information. If manufacturers and retailers choose to provide customers with this information, they must follow the required manner of declaration, as described below.

How a "best before" date is shown on a label..: The "best before" date must be identified using the words "best before" and "meilleur avant" grouped together with the date, unless a clear explanation of the significance of the "best before" date appears elsewhere on the label.

The "best before" date may appear anywhere on the package.

If it is placed on the bottom, this has to be indicated elsewhere on the label. The month must be in both official languages or indicated by using specified bilingual symbols. The year is optional, unless it is needed for the sake of clarity (for example, if the shelf life extends into a new calendar year).
If included, the year must appear first, followed by the month, then the day.

Best before
08 JA 30
Meilleur avant

January: JA
February: FE
March: MR
April: AL
May: MA
June: JN
July: JL
August: AU
September: SE
October: OC
November: NO
December: DE


There is another thread, along side of this, with a request about ADM Atta on sale and its current price. Any info on this from any one out there? Thanks. fh

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