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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 13-11-03 10:58:30

I was aware of it. In fact, I called around 25 driving schools asking for an early test date- but the problem was that I had only two days left. That list included a couple of Sardars who were supposed to be experts in getting early dates. Only two of them said, they would make a try. Some of them said things like 'are you kidding?', 'are you serious?', by which they meant 'you must be crazy to ask such a question. Don't you know that this is a peak time?'

I believe someone might have managed to get me a date if I had at least one week. But two days was asking for too much.


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Hi Shibu,

I just checked my copy of the Official Driver's handbook which I had purchased in Oct 2000. It shows only USA and Canada as the two countries whose licence had a reciprocity. The rules must have changed after that!

Glad to know that I was not TOTALLY misinformed!


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-03 01:24:31

Hi Chandresh,

As per the Official Driver's Handbook purchased this year, 6 countries are listed. Good to know that you were not off the mark. Can you clarify the following point?

I wanted to get G license during my short stay in Canada because of one reason. I thought it was going to save me some money in the Insurance Premium, when I finally started living in Canada. My assumption was that a G license holder having say 2 years unblemished driving record (irrespective of whether he was actually driving in Canada or not) would be asked to pay less Insurance Premium for his car than a new G2 or G holder. :)

Was my assumption correct? What do you think?


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-03 09:37:34

While I am not sure, but I think that in case you are NOT insured during these two years or more, you would still be treated as a new G licence holder. Whenever you take a new insurance from your existing or new company, they ask you for a previous insurance policy details, and whatever you might say (like, oh no, I have had no problems in the past and things like that), they are able to get your past record.

So if they find that though you have had G licence for past so many years, but you were not insured in Canada, for them it is a new case. I had enquired from my friends similar thing relating to my son - who should get his G2 this year. I had thought that I can get his licence but not let him drive or insure for say 2-3 years and then take his insurance. but I was told it would not help - it would be better rather if I included him in my present policy for next 2-3 years, and then when he gets a car of his own, he gets a policy solely for him - THAT would reduce the premiums compared to a new insurance.

However, graduating from G2 to G does reduce the premium, but not very much though. My wife has got her G earlier this month and she was informed by the insurance co that the premium would reduce by about C$12 which comes out to about 7% reduction.


Advice is free – lessons I charge for!!

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 14-11-03 15:02:27


Thanks for the info. Someone had asked me a related question, now I am in a better position to advice him.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-12-03 07:49:36

I really feel that Canadian Govt. should change its laws related to granting driving licences to Indians. In any case they will not become better drivers overnight. You see.... they will still remain indian drivers who dont bother anyone and who dont mind anything

Just kidding...:D

Some one please let me know about the validity of International Driving Licences in Canada. Would it be a good idea to get an International Driving Licence made from India before hand?

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Hello Guys,

Pl. suggest a good on line website to practise for written test in Ontario. Thanks.

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