Dhanonjay Chatterjee - After the hanging !

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Its a pity that such this needs to be discussed again.

Talking about Human rights is fine as long as its concerned with another affected person and as a side dish.

Its been totally misinterpreted by some. The constitution gives its citizens certain rights and the UN too lays down certain fundamentals for member states to have in their countries - these form rights of the human inthe country. What the govt allows are enforcable while what the UN lays down remain as guidelines - the govt may or may not allow those to be enforced by law.

Human rights is a fairly new principle and these are continously reviewed by the govt- including the govt of India - so what it feels is good enough to be a basic right they include as part of the constitution by an act of parliament. Like education for children is what UN says should be there - but govt of India says it is to be encouraged- it cant be enforced else most household servants would have to go ! Govt of India says it is wrong for a girl to be married at an age lesser than 18 which it has laid down as enforcable by law after consideration and evaluation by white papers and stuff, keeping in view the situation in India.

Human rights vary from place to place - so while its ok if the govt of India is able to give a bucket of water to a family in Rajasthan and continue to be kept in power for the next 20 years it would be a crime as per UNHCR, SPHERE or IRC standards in a refugee camp where the tap should give 15 litres per minute and should be at not more than 100 feet from where the refugee stays and not more than 20 persons should be dependant on 1 tap !! Incredible what a refugee can expect.

Whats been wrong is that INGOS from developed countries putting their templates of acceptability on Indian conditions and our people being hyped by that- which will only portray India as a little above committing genocide - thats what most of the world thinks too. A lot of acceptable stuff to our society - is often taken as infringement of rights by the developed countries from where come the concept of HR.

Correct, most developed countries dont have death penalty - while US does- wonder why?

China reserves the death penalty - thats why their roads dont corrode or bridges fall off immediately after the contract is over !! Thats why state officials are more transparent - not of their will but they just have to.

Getting back to the matter, in "good old" India...... where people still take away the other persons cattle if they stray on to ones field, or shoot a person over a land dispute or even a matter like watering of crops first between two neighbours, where women are guarded like treasure, intercaste marriages disallowed in villages - in such a country with conservative outlook since when did a criminal convicted of murder of a child have "human" rights as described above.

Remember he had a family and wife - he had been given a job by the society to sustain his family - wasnt that good enough ? he was supposed to be a security guard of the apartment block - what more heinous crime can there be to betray trust (where lot of elders and some of us too call it pagri, izzat, jaban deta hoon - in such a country where trust is prime) for safety of lives, to prey upon a girl deprive her of respect and end her life. What about her rights ?I am sure they have some meaning too.

Rights are situation based. If there is only one chapati - rights of a family member would be to share that single chapati. Where there are plenty of chapatis - each can have one and the second round being in order of sex or age. So perceived rights in a develped country are different from India.

Ok we are all suddenly overwhelmed with the "rights" of a murderer (now in 2004 - why ? cause the NGOs played it up - why not in the earlier instance when his plea had been rejected some years ago )- whoever gave thought for the girl who was murdered? Lets not insult her soul, please.

Just give it a thought, her best friend now is a mother of two children. Wonder what she would have had or been doing. Noone ...sir absolutely noone has the right to do this to a child , and if he does, its only right he goes to his death too.

People are now out to make money by enacting plays. Guess whos the hero ? Natta Mullick - The hangman whos got his nephew his job and himself a good pastime which pays well too. ***T is the only word which comes to mind.

As regards records of investigation being shown to everyone who doubts the process, pal, it takes a judge huge conviction & unrelenting self doubt, diligent ponderance over the case, mental fortitude & courage before arriving at a point to have enough convincing strength to sign a "death warrant" without any nagging doubt at the back of his mind, and the warrant was upheld by three higher courts including the supreme court twice - mercy pleas rejected by the two different presidents -(mind you this was in a country where every thing is settled by the time it reaches high court). sorry thats as far as the system allows - it doesnt have to be percolated to every person who wishes to question the functioning of the judiciary & the executive of the country.

Also please remember the constitution allows death penalty only in the "rarest of rare" cases.

And yes, death penalty may be replaced with life without parole - but not in India - not yet.

If you propogate it on the street then you will probably have instances of all uneducated unemployed youth finding themselves & raping an infant child to languish in prison at the tax payers money.

Its been high time that these punishments were carried out in an actual exemplary manner. I would say that the govt make arrangements to get all these so convicted to a central place like Nagpur - allot a day and start from morning onwards till you finish them all.

Let this go down to the underworld - the major players wont be much affected as they dont usually partake in these things- but the chota mota galli ka badmash will shy away from women walking alone .

I just hope that God gives the poor parents of the girl strength to disregard all those natak nautangi plays, after all they have been through.

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