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Dear All CDs,

Somebody sent this article thru mail, I thought of sharing the same in this forum.
Whatever said and done the civic sense and sysytem in this country still stinks.
People have / were / still are from self first cult which has ruined many generations, specially who believe in discipline and call a spade as it should be.
Few people thru IT boom and BPOs (call centres) may have brought dollars into the country ( read their own vaults) but as a whole the system does'nt recognise civilized approach. Specially DELHI which has become a city of rouges.
Ordinary Indian today is worst off than before. Foreign Nations (Western World) recognizes India only because of our strategic influence (possible in the last 5 years) on global anti - terrorism. Que sera- sera.......



By: S. Gurumurthy

We were all just snake charmers. A hungry, poor nation. Illiterate. We
were just baking our daughters-in-law, burning our widows. A mutually
quarrelling lot, spilling our blood on caste and religious lines. A nation
waiting to break up. For centuries, and why, till a decade back, this was
how they, the West, perceived us. Projected us. We feared the US and the
West for long. Even couple of years back, we were scared that they would
devour us, in the WTO and outside. Cripple us, our business and trade.
They did frighten us for long, far too long. Many among us who imitated the
West also counselled us to do what they wanted. Not defy them. For our
growth depended upon them, they warned.

Now the picture has changed. Changed dramatically. It is now their turn,
the West's, to be paranoid, not just frightened of us. This dramatic
U-turn has occurred in just two years. Amy Waldman writes in New York Times
(March 7, 2004): "Long caricatured in many American minds as home only to snake
charmers and poor people, India is now being caricatured as a nation of
predatory brains set on stealing American jobs.'' They are now paranoid
that India will loot them, not stealthily as they did in the past, but
openly, in the market place.

Quoting India's 'Outlook' magazine Waldman writes, "India has joined the
ranks of other big job thieves - Japan, China and Mexico, citing a "barely
concealed racism" in Internet debates. Senator John Kerry, a likely
contestant for US Presidency, has called chief executives who shift work
abroad (read India) "Benedict Arnolds.", their Jaichands. Waldman says
"now India's pride has become America's pain. Over the last decade,
riding technology advances, India's engineers and English-speaking college
graduates have been taking on more work - from credit-card complaints to
software programming to research for American companies half a world
away.'' Adding to their discomfiture is the stagnation in the US
employment and the growth in the Indian economy.

Waldman says,''the uproar over outsourcing shows no signs of abating,
because outsourcing itself is only likely to grow. India's success has
both contributed to and coincided with stagnating employment in the United
States.'' Not just outsourcing. Even in trade in goods the US runs rising
deficit with India year after year. Last year, the deficit exceeded $9
billions. More. The ethnic Indian in the US among the highest earning in
the US. The number of Indian students, 70,000, in US universities is the
largest from any ethnic group. The US has every reason to fear India, the
new, rising India.

Result. Nearly 20 States in the US have passed laws to ban outsourcing out
of the US tax payer's money. Of course, an election gimmick. For, without
off-shoring of jobs to areas like India, the US cannot remain competitive.
So outsourcing is inevitable. So the fear. Says an expert, ''every
American losing job today thinks he lost it because of India; every American
unemployed thinks that he remains so because India has stolen away his
job.'' So the paranoia.

Writes Dr Jagdish Bhagwati, a highly regarded economist in the US, that
decades ago the US feared the 'yellow evil', meaning Japan, Korea and
China, poaching on the jobs in US and now it fears the 'brown evil',
meaning India, smuggling away all white collar jobs.

So from snake charming to feared competitor - this is the transition of
India in the US mind. A couple of years back if our Prime Minister visited
the US, his visit would be buried in some obituary pages in newspapers.
Today, the name of India is everywhere in the US media. An India feared.

Everything started with the Pokharan explosion which turned the world to
India. It is not that in the past they formed the demeaning caricature
about us on their own imagination. Our intellectuals partnered them in
demeaning India, demonising the Indian society and de-branding India in
their mind. They would not tell them ''yes we have snake charmers, but we
are not a nation to them; we have poverty, but we are not a poor nation;
we have illiteracy, but we are not an illiterate nation; we have problems,
but our nation is not a problem. ''But we ourselves branded our country as
poor. As illiterate. As not a country at all, but as just a problem. So
their view mirrored our intellectuals. A costly mistake that cost us
decades of development. Yes they fear us now. It is their turn. Let them
fear us. Let us enjoy it, make use of it.

(Source: New Indian Express, Dt.17-03-04.)

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It will be 100 years till India becomes at such a level that people will stop migrating out.

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Dear Ashbamor,

Thanks for posting it :)



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