Visitor Visa for Parents - expecting baby

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 10-05-07 16:58:24

Hello There,

We are expecting a baby and would like our parents to visit. What documents do we need to send them for a tourist visa? Should I mention my wife's pregnancy in the invitation letter. Please suggest what all should I mention about her pregnancy. If anyone of you has a sample invitation letter, then I will request you to share that also. I will be greateful to you for your help.
My father (he alone) was here on visitor visa last year also. He came on "single entry visa" and this time I wanted to apply for "multiple entry" for both of them. Will that be a good idea?

Please suggest!
Thanks in advance.


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In general, it is not a good idea to mention your wife's pregnency

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I called my mom when I was pregnant and I clearly declared about pregnancy and even got a letter from my doctor that I am going to deliver a baby and I already have one toddler with me here and will be requiring assistance of a family member during and after the child birth. In your case if it is a first baby then also ur doc can write that it is her first baby so need close family members assistance,. and then I got Invitation letter from the Lawyer stating the same thing. and show your funds and if u own a house show the property. for parents I don't think there is any problem but u have to show even in back home that they have strong bonding there to return back home like home and property, family etc.

I hope this helps

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Originally posted by maple_asian

In general, it is not a good idea to mention your wife's pregnency

My friend's parents recently ( a week or two ago) got their visa on the main criteria that their daughter is expecting to deliver in July and they need to be here. They had attached doctor's letter along with other required documents for financial standing etc.


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Hello Neet and Chandresh,

Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Can I ask for a favour from you guys. Is it possible to send a copy of the invitation letter (or friends invitation letter)? That will help me a lot. I will get a letter from Doctor stating my wife's pregnancy but dont know what to write in the letter. So any sample letter from you will be of great help to me.
I have checked , but is not very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance.


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I did that 5 years ago. so I don't even have any paper work with me. but i did not provide any matter to the doc or lawyer they do have this format in the system they just have to put ur info in and print. If u ask doc (the specialist your wife go to) u need letter for immigation department for visit i am sure they have that kind of format with them, Because I was also looking for the info or matter like crazy but doc and lawer follow their own format. so just talk to the doc and lawyer. they will charge u some fee I remember 5 years back I paid $ 25 to doc and $ 50 to lawyer.

I do not now how much they charge.

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Letter from Doctor helps ... but not always. Visitor Visa is solely on the Officer. We went through this Twice. They Granted the Visa first time .... but not second.
Check your EMail for Sample Declaration, which you would have to get Notarised.

Required Doc List (This is what provided both times):
Original -
• Statutory Declaration
• Any Supporting document to make an application stronger
Photo Copy of -
• Job Letter
• Passport
• TAX Assessment Return
• Driving License, Health Card & SIN
• Bank Statement of Last Month
• Utility Bills, Renter Agreement or House Ownership Docs to show your presence here.
• Travel Insurance – I arranged this from:

If Possible, get All Photo Copies Notarized.

Mumbai Maazi Ladki ...

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