are driving rules for montreal different from toronto

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i am in brampton and quite comfortable in driving here but i have heard that to drive in montreal is bit different. i mean you have to follow certain different rules. Can any CD or Senior CD guide me if this correct and what is the difference in driving there if i go in my own car for 2 nights stay

also advice me where to stay .. i mean in Downtown area hotels or elsewhere.

i would appreciate if somebody can reply me asap as i have to leave in another 4 hrs.


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There was the same discussion on CD some time back

Hope you will access it from Montreal.
the key is to be slow and cautious. Everything is almost the same. Concentrate on the road / traffic instead of the beauty of the place / Girls while driving and you will be fine.

Peace by TK

I am a Gents and not a Ladies.

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Originally posted by tamilkuravan

Concentrate ...........the beauty of the....... Girls while driving and you will be fine.

Peace by TK


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The Marriott at Rue Peel is a hotel with nice spacious rooms - easily sleeps 5 or 6. Has a fully functional kitchen. The breakfast (gratis with the room) is okay as well, but go early coz it can get really crowded.

While driving watch out for exits which can be on the left or the right and narrow narrow lanes.

Enjoy your trip.



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