PIO Endorsement of New Passport for Child. Document advice needed.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-09-12 18:31:15

Hello everyone,

Hoping someone can chime in with some advice on PIO for child.

My son has a PIO and recently got a new passport. I am going to Endorse the new passport within the next 2 days at the Consulate in Toronto and will use this form. http://www.cgitoronto.ca/Forms/Miscellaneous%20Services%20Form.pdf

The form seems to be a general one used for several services. Would like to confirm with anyone who has done this recently

Are these the only documents needed?
Original PIO card
Old passport original
Old passport photocopy - WHICH PAGES ARE THEY LOOKING FOR?
New passport original
New passport photocopy - WHICH PAGES ARE THEY LOOKING FOR?
Money order for $20

Is there anything else I am missing. They dont ask for Pics???

If anyone can kindly confirm the above it will be greatly appreciated as I need to get this done in the next couple of days.

On a side note, my OCI sticker is also on an old passport but I will be carrying it with me.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

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I got my daughter's PIO endorsement done recently. Yes you have to fill out that miscellaneous services form (parents signature should suffice, although you should check with consulate directly as you know rules keep changing), and provide them with original and copies of new passport, old passport and PIO card, along with the required fee by money order. No photos were required when I went there. They accept applications in the morning and return the endorsed PIO card back same day in the afternoon between 3-4PM. In my opinion, very easy process compared to OCI transfer from old passport to the new one.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 05-09-12 16:09:47

Thanks Kulb for your reply. I went today and got my Son's new passport endorsed in the PIO.
For those who may be doing this anytime soon, here is what I took with me. Hope it helps you.

1) Form filled. http://www.cgitoronto.ca/Forms/Miscellaneous%20Services%20Form.pdf
3) PIO card PHOTOCPY ( First, Second and Last Page)
4) Old CDN passport original
5) Old CDN passport photocopy - Page 2 (Photo) and Page 3.
6) New CDN passport original
7) New CDN passport photocopy - Page 2 (Photo) and Page 3
8) Money order for $20
9) Signature of Applicant - I put my childs THUMB impression. The document verifier said that I should sign as well and put FATHER in brackets. So I did.

NO Pics

Please make sure you have the photocopies. There is couple of places downstairs where you can make copies if you forget. You can always run down and make some. There were hardly 20 people this morning.

They keep the New passport and PIO card and you will have to come back and collect at 3 PM.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 27-10-13 18:10:22

thank you for your inputs...
i'm facing similar situation with only 4 days for my travel to india before i need to get my daughters new canadian passport endrosed...

Is the PIO endorsement still done at the toronto indian consulate office OR has this service been transferred to the BLS offices (eg: Brampton ) ?

Any idea about the processing time ? Is it still 1 day ?

Would greatly appreciate if you have any inputs in this regard ...

And i also heard from some of the posts , that PIO endorsement is not mandatory and all we need to do is to take the old + new canadian passports along with PIO card ....... don't know how far is this information accurate though

please help.....

thank you

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 28-10-13 01:01:52

Check old posts that are couple of months back. In April we went to Dubai with new Canadian passports that were not attested for the OCI. We took the old passport that has the OCI stamp and the OCI card. We flew from India and back. No issues at all. We still have not done the attestation. Will do if its really needed.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 30-10-13 19:28:35

thank you MKBLR , that is very reassuring.
Also, i checked with at least 3 of my acquaintences and none of them faced any issues at Indian immigration for not doing PIO endorsement....

During all these , i was constantly trying to touch base with BLS and Indian Consulate,Toronto to see whether there are any emergency procedures available.

My enquiries finally were answered , thanks to Mr. Anurag,(Vice counsel ,Indian consulate) who advised me yesterday to come over to Consulate this morning with all the docs and necessary signatures ( whatever sfernan has posted + money order of $22....).

You can take the copies & money order at the Canada post (345 Bloor st E) , adjacent building to the consulate building....

I collected the endorsed PIO at 3 pm today and thats it ....

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