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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 02-08-05 14:23:15

hi Jack109,

Please look at peo.on.ca for all info abt process, applications etc.
u will get information there.. make a phone call to them, and they will send the complete package by post to you.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-08-05 08:05:20

Thinking One and forum members,
Thanks for the information

I am trying to find the PEO aspirants who may have similar experience as mine with my background in Maintenance (Process Engg,FEMA,RCA,Six Sigma,5S, Condition Monitoring,SAP PM, MP2 etc)

I have a BS (Mech) and an MS (Management Information Systems)

Out of my 5 years experience my first three were in the areas of Maintenance and the rest in IT .(Implementation of ERP solutions - SAP PM / MP2)

ERP implementation (from my opinion) covers the experience as outlined in the Requirements for experience - Section 3.6.

If any member has a similar background please email me @

Member since: Mar 05
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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 03-08-05 10:21:06


Our situation is similar in terms of:

1. We didnt work in our basic field of study, and switched to IT.
2. We dont intend to work in our basic field of study.

If you want a career as a Mechanical Engineer here in Canada, P.Eng. is for you. Otherwise, forget it. To continue working in IT, Get your credentials recognised by CIPS to get additional advantages. Even if you dont do it, it wont bother you. However, keeping oneself updated by being part of local relevant societies would be beneficial.


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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 07-01-06 14:43:43


i read lot of information u provided regarding p.eng, will u pls tell me about engineering experience record how to make it. do u have anythinng handy like that

i did dip in mech engg in india then AMIE in same discipline and having 9 years of indian experience and 2 years of canadian exp as programmer(cnc and robotic)

what r my prospects if i spply for p.eng which one is good for meoacett or p.eng.

i didn't apply for p.eng yet but desperate to do so
i need this information if u can call me and help me

my ph. no. is 4164575777
if u can give me this information i'll really appreciate that'



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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 20-01-06 12:10:18

hi everybody,

I am a mechanical engineer from india. I have just arrived around 4 months back. Any one related to this field please advise what should i do to get job in my field. Should i do any course or did anyone get job without doing course ? thank you.


Arshed Hussain.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 17-05-12 22:02:29


If you have an undergrad or master degree from Canada/USA, then you may not be assigned technical exams.

But if from Inida/Pakistan, and not really doing any technical work, then chances are you will be assigned 3 Technical + 1 complementry.
I have BE in electronics and was assigned exams, I passed 3 and on my 4th technical.

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Post ID: #PID Posted on: 04-11-14 23:57:53

Hi Friends
I submitted my application to PEO and got the file number. I have 12 years experience and presently working with a HVAC Design firm. I assume that PEO will ask for an interview. I want to contact the candidates who faced the interview with ERC/ARC earlier. Thanks in advance.

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