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Originally posted by Garvo Gujarati

This is repeat of what one of you did during the last year or (year before) Delhi Election. Asking to Vote for a party is an advertisement and that is not allowed. My answer didn't change.

Point taken ! and I knew it in hindsight this will happen, So will not dwell much. But how a thread title with a word 'AAPtard' is doing rounds on the website and acceptable is beyond me. Moderating moderately ??

Garvo Gujarati   
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We need to draw the line some where. I kept noticing many posts with title as "U-Turn Modi", "De-Modified" etc and we have kept them as is.

I personally do not like lot of moderation if all of us are restrained from personal attacks and follow the site guidelines.


A Proud Indian Canadian

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Ab CON-gress ANNA ko CM candidate bana de to kasam se aise Aag lagegi Delhi Chunav mei ki Obama bhi kahega , Bhai ab to result dekh ke hi jaunga. :-)

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Here's the future
Kiran Bedi - Delhi CM
AK-49 back to Tihar Jail, with a 3rd degree treatment.

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Is this a circus? 😝

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As much I respect Kiran Bedi for her track record, she is losing it being a politician...
As per her , people who are in power or BJP (whatever she means!) are the only worthy citizens.

It remains to be seen , for how long BJP politician stay together after her inclusion. More she appears in Media , more she helps AAP's cause.

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If and when Bedi comes to power, she has to endure A for apple, B for Ball classes that Modi took for serving IPS officers' Chiefs from states, as to how they should be S-M-A-R-T.


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